Our project derives from a wide experience in the areas of training and development. We want to make a difference in behavioral training, always driven for results
We use tools like Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and NLP in addition to extensive experience in executive coaching.
The many years of work, did evolve our methodology for a method based on personal observation of structures and not just in merely technical content. We all know how much attitudes are determinants of the results in our personal life or in professional environments. You only change when you truly want to change. The contents are tools that help us when they make us realize how to do, but first you have to know how you know what you are.
In our  training work, we combined years of experience drawn from involvement and participation in special projects in corporate environments, participation as a facilitator in professional academies, such as Bayer Marketing Academy and innovation projects, as in Marketing and Sales Innovation, integrated into international structures.
In terms of consulting, management leadership training in departments, allows us to share the same experience and transmit knowledge on design, project, investment, evaluation and follow up of training in all areas of intervention.


UPTURN was born in 2012 and provides services in the areas of Behavioural and Technical Training, Coaching and Consulting. Emerges based on a wide experience over the last 25 years in corporate areas, particularly dedicated to the area of people's ​​training and development.
We have developed a number of certifications and skills to help consistently the best performances and results.


Respecting the human being, its development, believing that all capabilities are within ourselves, and that every one can achieve their goals. Training and coaching suppose impact on people, causing the change that maintains the shape of what we want to achieve.