Benefits of Coaching

Benefits of Coaching-1

Efficiency: use of day to day work as vehicle for coaching
Flexibility: tailored to meet individuals needs
Productivity: people are more productive when they are learning and developing
Time: managers time can be freed up as they gain confidence in individuals' ability and find it easier to delegate
Improved relationships in teams: where individuals feel valued
Creativity and idea generation: increased confidence and motivation fosters an environment where people are more creative and proactive
Problem Solving: faster more effective problem solving
Better use of resources: through greater awareness of individuals' abilities, skills and resources can be allocated more effectively
Training programmes are more effective: coaching can be used as follow-up to training programmes to reinforce the l learning
Performance issues: can be identified and prioritised so that effective action can be taken

Coaches are more effective when they focus on what people can do rather than what they cannot do!