Benefits of Performance Coaching

Coaching can bring considerable benefits both to individual staff and to the organisation as a whole.

Key benefits of coaching include the following:

• Efficiency: it uses day-to-day work as a vehicle for learning.
• Flexibility: it can be tailored to meet individual learners' needs. Their progress can be closely monitored and the coaching adapted where necessary. People are also more adaptable and willing to work through a crisis in an environment where they feel valued.
• Productivity: staff members can still be productive while learning and developing.
• Freeing up of managers' time: managers/coaches gain confidence in their staff and may find it easier to delegate to them.
• Improved relationships and quality of life: relationships built through coaching will help team work through people feeling valued. The skills developed will also benefit people in their relationships both at work and at home.
• Creativity and idea generation: people’s increased self-esteem, confidence and motivation will create an environment where people will be more creative and proactive.
• Better use of resources: managers/coaches will be more aware of people, skills and resources allowing better use and allocation in line with development plans. 

These are some of the ways organisations can be affected when managers regularly adopt a coaching role:

• Training programmes are more effective – coaching can be used as an on-the-job follow up helping to reinforce the learning.
• Managers may delegate more, freeing up time to develop fresh ideas and take initiatives.
• People performance improves – performance problems are identified earlier and action taken.
• Morale and motivation rise for learner and coach with empowerment and ownership of development activities.