Coaching is a process with several steps. These steps or sessions are not always organized in the same way or in the same order, giving them different meanings and significance, but we can say that the concepts and processes are common to all processes of coaching.

1. Diagnosis of the situation in which it is the coachee. At this stage often begin to use assessment tools that help situate both, the coach and coachee. Appropriate tools like Identity Compass, a tool for assessing preferences of thought that establishes where you are and determines the direction, or the 360º almost always used in executive dimensions. We can start here to identify the issues that the coachee has to work. At this stage there is still a great generalization, eg "desire to work my leadership", but we can also have access to the more concrete and specific, such as "I have a problem with my boss" or "I discussed with a superior."

2. Identify the goals that the coachee wants to achieve, which is a desirable situation for him, how to get from point A to point B.

3. Understand the reasons why the coachee cannot achieve these desired objectives, the desired situation. We seek to beliefs and automatisms that command the actions of the coachee and act as obstacles or barriers as a result of their results.

4. Set the Action Plan (AP) and to establish commitments for the coachee to act differently, try new things and meet with the consequences

5. Check and monitor compliance with the AP and evaluate the results of what the coachee is put into practice as a way to consolidate new learning. A coaching process has to work on the coachee's belief as to realize the things that happen, limitations, impediments and blocks (things like “I cannot”, “I do not know”, ”it’s worthless”, etc.). Through questions and conversations, review all the judgments and evaluate the desirability of maintaining or changing, when we realize that work, keeping you from achieving the desired goals.

The sessions last on average between 90 to 120 minutes, but we must be flexible. The period occurring between, should be between 5 to 6 months with greater intensity in the beginning, ie the number of sessions spacing at the end of the learning process.