The Art of Selling

Lisbon · September 2015
  • The Art of Selling: Selling is communicating
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1. The mission of a company
· The objectives of a company
· The objectives of its employees
· The connection of the commercial activities to the needs of customers

2. Customer and Trading
· The relationship with the client
· The Rapport; internal states; Languages; values and customer criteria
· Values and and criteria of the company and its employees: registration and notes                          
· Establish rapport with the client

3. Dealing with objections
· The Opportunity. Learn to say no.
· The negotiation.
· From the general to the specific. Listening. Work from home. Distinguish objections
· Work on objections

4. Prepare Visits
· The perceptual positions. The preparation and planning of the work.
· The identification of the customer. The technical aspects
· Plan your visits to clients

5. The objectives. As established?
· Prepare the goals. The large and small

6. Know how to ask
· The questions that you want?

7. Closure
· Commitment

8. Strategic Alignment
· The team. The importance of alignment
· How to develop an entrepreneurial culture and the benefits in sales