What is a Coaching Process?-1

Coaching is the art of assisting people to achieve their goals, overcome their limitations and enhancing their strengths.
During the process of coaching, the coach helps his coachee to identify your current situation and the place you want to get together and set goals and reflect on the most appropriate action plan to achieve it. During the sessions, the coach listens and observes his coachee, does it reflect about their actions, thoughts, opinions, etc..

We say that coaching generates a transformational learning because it has the ability to produce profound changes in people, very effectively and in a relatively sensitive. The coach does not teach, does not advise driving, since it acts best as a facilitator of processes of reflection and decision making of their coachee.
The Ontological Coaching works on the kind of observer of reality are. Assumes that each of us has an experience of the world that is consistent with the way we act. The way we interpret what occurs relates directly to what we do. In this context, if we review the type of viewer that we are, we can modify the way to act.

The ontological coaching has as its objectives to achieve extraordinary, and it is proposed to develop appropriate ways of achieving them: work being a certain way, to get results. Suppose one wants coachee who aim to have extraordinary professional success and that it expects to be a capable person, sure of herself, strong, recognized ... In reality, if a capable person, safe, strong and recognized surely get your order to succeed professionally. The key to achieve this, is the way to learn how to achieve it.

One of the most frequent barriers to change and learning is the belief that people cannot change. If our way of being is the result of the interpretation we make of our lives, so when we change this interpretation, we modify our behavior.